IMIHGOM facilitates all stages of life science licensing transactions, from sourcing to closing. We offer flexible working models to suit your needs, working as a virtual extension of your innovation team. Our broad range of industry contacts are valuable in securing licensing agreements for our clients.

We focus on getting the right process in place, getting the right parties to the table, and ensuring negotiations pursue as smoothly as possible. The end goal is to achieve a winning situation on both sides of the table.

  • The life sciences industry is characterized by a high frequency and variety of deals, including licensing and co-development; equity investments; mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and asset acquisitions.
  • Entering and managing alliances has become critical to the innovation process and business model for both large and small life science companies (‘big pharma’ and ‘biotech SMEs’ respectively).
  • A growing trend in recent years has seen a shift towards licensing deals signed at the research phase, followed by those in preclinical development and those with products already on the market.

Value creation within the industry is determined by many factors, including the innovative capacity of a company (measured as the number, type, and phase of development of proprietary products in the pipeline), the management of internally and externally derived intellectual property (IP) rights and know-how, as well as the development of in-house capabilities, such as negotiation and business development. Whereas big pharma companies look for opportunities to supplement their in-house R&D capacities and resources, biotech SMEs often lack the knowledge and resources to effectively go through the entire life sciences value chain from discovery to product commercialization. Transparent negotiation, effective communication, and a clear understanding of the synergies companies bring to the table can result in a win-win situation.

IMIHGOM is a leading advisor on life science licensing deals. IMIHGOM’s Venture Services facilitates licensing of drug programmes between biopharmaceutical partners. Additionally, through IMIHGOM’s Technology Services, we introduce partners offering expertise and platform technologies to biopharmaceutical companies with a specific unmet need. With scientific and business acumen, coupled to an excellent track record, IMIHGOM is dedicated to helping our clients to achieve success. IMIHGOM strives to Shape the Future of successful drug development.

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