Biotechnology service provider wants to initiate a business development core to establish and expand an oncology and a neuroscience unit

Client Proposal

A well-known biotechnology service provider specialized in biomarker services for pre-clinical and clinical R&D wanted to establish a new business development unit focusing on oncology and neuroscience opportunities. The company had developed an innovative platform technology that went beyond the current state-of-the-art, but still required validation for use in clinical trials. IMIHGOM was engaged to identify and establish partnerships with academic and industrial partners. The goal was to finalise the validation studies and establish the company’s position in the oncology and neuroscience space.

Our Services: Business Development Start-to-Finish Deal Making

IMIHGOM supports companies in their market intelligence, scouting, and establishing deals, as a virtual extension of their business development team.

Successful Outcome

The client’s innovative technology platform required further validation for use in oncology and neuroscience pre-clinical and clinical programs. The initial challenge was to find academic and industrial partnerships whereby validation studies could be finalised. In parallel, we introduced our client’s technology platform to pharma/biotech partners with preclinical- and clinical- research programmes in oncology and neuroscience. IMIHGOM worked with our client for 14 months. Together, we successfully established the foundations of a business development unit in oncology and neuroscience.

Our business development deal-making efforts resulted in >90 F2F meetings with potential partners, of which several progressed to closed contracts in addition to returning business.



Date published

May 21, 2018